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Dear Senior and Parent,

Your senior year in high school marks the end of an important chapter in your life and the beginning of a new adventure. Future plans are exciting – preparing for college, traveling abroad, enjoying your last summer before heading out into the world.

You’ve worked hard at academics, athletics, music, theater, numerous clubs and organizations and organizing social events. For most of us, graduation marks the end of many of those activities. You poured your heart and soul into being a competitive athlete or musician or club member or exemplarily student. Sure, you’ve got a few plaques or trophies to remember them by but a few years from now you’ll wish you had something more.


Trends in senior portraits – Wall Street Journal.


Look at the photo below and tell me which memento this athlete will appreciate more.

(They’re displayed to scale)

High School Senior Pictures Connecticut

Twenty years from now that portrait will speak volumes about him. His children (your grandchildren) will gaze in wonderment. Trophies usually end up in a box in the attic. This portrait of him at his finest will inspire a smile every time it’s viewed. Parents often enjoy these portraits most when their son or daughter is living away at college for the first time. Memories of driving them to practices and games. Cheering their victories and consoling their defeats. Truly a labor of love…





And then there’s the experience…..

When I first started photographing seniors my goal was to produce the best, most innovative and “unique to the individual” portraits possible. Soon I realized the sessions were a huge part of the fun for the seniors.

For the girls, being a model for a day with the hair & makeup and shoes and clothes was something they’ve dreamed of and it’s really happening! At Black Dog I conduct our sessions like model shoots.

Coming from NYC, It’s what I know. Using many of the styles and techniques I learned in NYC I photograph the seniors with a model-esque “edge” and the results speak for themselves. In a short time we’ve earned the reputation as the “go-to” studio for truly exceptional, senior portraits.

 The “experience” of a senior portrait session is one of the coolest gifts a parent can give.

As a dad to an 8 year old boy I’ve learned the greatest gift I can give him is experience. The look of total joy on his face when he first rode his bicycle or swam across the width of the pool or hit his first baseball at little league was priceless. As parents we give anything to see that “look” of pure joy in our children. I’ve seen that “look” with many of the seniors I photograph and numerous parents have pulled me aside to tell me how much their son or daughter LOVED the model sessions and how they boosted their self esteem and to thank me for providing an experience their child will remember the rest of their lives. And they have the photographs to prove it!! They’ll share them with family and friends, show them off at graduation parties, post them on Facebok and display them at home for lasting memories. It’s all part of the experience. The next opportunity to be a model for a day probably won’t occur until their wedding day.

Our mission at Black Dog is simple – provide a world-class experience for high school seniors while creating the best portraits they ever had taken in their life–guaranteed!

My goal is to give each senior unsurpassed quality and variety while customizing each session to fit his or her personality.

Becoming a senior and having photographs taken is a once-in-a-lifetime event and a rite of passage.

Of course, you can always just have your Yearbook photo done by the School Photographer and call it a day.

Or… you can do something truly spectacular and memorable by calling Black Dog for the experience of a lifetime.


Senior Portrait F.A.Q.s

A few sessions are still available !!

I only accept 50 senior clients per year, why? Senior picture horse

I want each client to have amazing portraits.  Amazing light is part of that equation.  The best light of the day is the last hour or two before sunset called “golden hour”.  There are a very limited number of clear days in the months of  June, July, August and September and only one or two “golden hour” sessions per day.  Do the math and you’ll see why I limit the number of seniors I accept

order generic Seroquel Do I have to meet for a consultation?  Can’t I just book a session over the phone?
While I don’t require an in-person consultation, i do highly recommend it if you are new to our studio.   I travel between Newport and New Haven weekly so it may be possible to meet at your location.

However, if coming in to the studio for a consultation is not an option, we can review everything you need to know over the phone.  I want to ensure that your senior portrait session is everything you want and more, and I strive to make this experience one that you will never forget.

follow Do you photograph sessions in your studio or on location?
Both actually!   While I generally photograph seniors on location – from urban settings to vintage fields to custom locations, I create the senior experience that YOU want.  If you are not close to my  residential studio in Stonington I can create these edgy studio images on location.  I also photograph with numerous location lighting techniques – from fashion lighting to natural light and more.  Photography is the art of ‘painting with light,’ and my goal is to make you look incredible and ensure you have a variety of looks to show off your individual style.

How many outfits can I bring?
As MANY as you like!  My sessions are based on time, NOT on the number of outfits you are limited to.  In general, I can typically photograph 3-4 outfits per hour, however this is entirely dependent on you.  The more time you spend getting ready between outfits, the fewer outfits we will get to, and vice versa.

I encourage you to bring LOTS of options – I will assist you in selecting the best variety of looks to make your senior portrait session the best experience it can be.  Be sure to check out our Pinterest Style Guide to see some great fashion options for your senior portraits.

How long do you keep my image files?
All ordered images are archived for a period of 60 days. Non-ordered images are removed from my system following your ordering appointment – I do not archive files which are not ordered.

I want to wear my hair two different ways – can I do that at my session?
If you are wanting to wear your hair in two distinctly different ways – such as curly and straight – I encourage you to book two separate sessions.   This allows you to choose your two distinct looks that go best with each location.  If you are simply wanting to change up your look a little during your session – such as pulling part, or all, of your hair up for certain outfits – you can absolutely do that during any of our Black Dog sessions.  I LOVE variety and love to show off your multiple styles.

Do you photograph yearbook headshots?
Check your school’s guidelines for yearbook headshots.  If you are allowed to select your own image to submit from your senior portrait session, then I can photograph any type of image that you would like for your yearbook.

The session type you choose is dependent on your individual style and tastes, and each person’s image needs vary.  Depending on the session that you choose, you will have a minimum of 30-70 images to select from at your ordering appointment.

You do not have to make any final decisions until the day of your ordering appointment.

New Pricing!

Indoor Model Session    $125    Get that glamor model look that can only be achieved in the studio.  Typically sessions are 45 minutes and are done on Mondays and Fridays during the day.   (Unlimited Outfits, multiple backdrops)  $100 minimum purchase.
Outdoor Essential session   $150     1 Hour, Unlimited Outfits, 1 outdoor Location.  The beach is the most popular request but you may have it at any place you find special. Sessions are usually done late in the day about 1 hour before sunset   
CT Senior Sailing Picture

Mystic Tall Ship

 Bring a senior friend for free!  Yup, both of you can be photographed at no additional cost. 

Schedule your fashion-inspired senior portrait session at Black Dog Imaging!

Be sure to give me a call at the studio to set up a consultation so I can discuss all of your options and guide you in choosing the best – and most personalized – session for you.