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My name is Roy Thomas and I started Black Dog Photography in Hoboken, NJ in 2001 ago as a career change. Prior, I was an executive at a consulting firm in Manhattan and by many measuring sticks, successful. However, photography had grown into a passion and I decided to leave corporate life to pursue a career in the field I loved.

Family portraits photos pictures Connecticut Rhode IslandBlack Dog has been successful since the beginning providing clients with exceptional images and a fun experience.

Over recent years my focus and passion has become family portraiture.

I approach portraiture as a classicist, where beautifully idealized images convey a sense of timeless elegance and grace. My portraits have been sources of inspiration for others, and my unmistakable style is often imitated.  As a dad with a teenage son, I understand the emotional bond between a parent and a child and how important it is to appreciate each and every family member.

My Signature Portraits are as individual as you are. I take the time to personally sit and discuss what is important to you about your portrait. My desire is to create a sensitive and beautiful portrait for you in which everyone looks their best. To achieve this I need to fit the three main elements that elevate a portrait from one that is merely a pictorial record, to one that has a timeless quality: Design, Pose, and Color Harmony.

Design is the concept of where the portrait is going to be made, the location or background that will be utilized to reflect the lifestyle or preference of the subject. Composition is part of design and defines how the subject is arranged and other elements in that space to form a complete visual statement.

Pose considers how and why the subject is positioned after the location has been decided.

Color Harmony is the blending of the colors, furniture, plants, artifacts, and background together, to make a pleasing image.

Call me today to learn how you can commission a family portrait.